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Many of us are seeking balance in our lives, and even more of us need to find the consciousness to create balance and yes, to be present.

Mostly, I’ve discovered personally, that one cannot do this alone. Everyone needs help with something, and the something may just be in this toolbox. And, we need to make it fun AND workable.

Accomplishing this is multi-faceted: It can be your personal home or business (Interior/Exterior Design); it can be YOU personally (Image, 9-Star Ki Astrology); and, Space Clearing (using the principles of Native American and other cultures).

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Your home tells a story and that story reflects who you are. Whether just a room or your entire home, working with a designer can be rewarding. With my expertise and your inspiration, together we’ll make your home as unique as you are.

I help people navigate big life changes — new home, new baby, new home-based career, downsizing, empty-nest. We’ll transform meh live/work spaces into beautifully designed environments curated with lots of love and thoughtful intent. Many years of experience creating environments both at home and in commercial settings have given my clients not only something new to freshen their environments but, a new way of looking at how they live and work. We are all aware of how something new changes our perspective and often motivates us where we’ve not been able to see…we create our surroundings based on where we were at the time we created them.


Creating the life you want!

I believe most of us, no matter how clued in we are about our lives, find we are ONLY SUBJECTIVE and base our needs and decisions on what we know or have experienced. When we look outside ourselves it is difficult if not impossible to be OBJECTIVE. This is what a coach does for you and with you.

Within 5 seconds of meeting someone, you make a critical first impression. Whether you are a man or woman, a professional or stay-at-home mom, teenager or middle-aged, my image consulting services help you create a positive first impression and a favorable personal image that will last well beyond those first 5 seconds. I will help enhance your personal image while saving you precious time and money. My work is geared to help you build confidence and to make the most of your unique assets.


WHAT! Yes, Feng Shui. 2,000 years of understanding how energy flows, when no one could read or write except a scholar, gave way to using symbolisms to indicate what we call good or not good fortune. Where to build your home, what to look for in the way weather affects your safety and of course good fortune like fresh water, living plants and navigable walkways, highways, etc. – access can all be called good fortune. Today, it can also point you to the best way to use your energy and support your well-being. No real mystery. When you consider all the aspects, you can see where being aware and creating intention and action can change your life with purpose.

Whether your project is a business or home, retail or industry, education or healthcare, I can help you design, rearrange and optimize your space so that you can experience an elevated sense of harmony, health, productivity and good fortune in everyday life. My modernized, holistic approach to Feng Shui can be used to boost careers and academic success, improve health, increase positive energy and prosperity, create more harmonious relationships and more.


Part of my “toolbox” involves years in the practice of marketing and selling real estate. Knowing what the market is and approaching it with a practiced “eye” can make all the difference in a successful buy/sell or lease. Correctly using color, lighting and layout/spacing can make a huge impact on the sale of property. The use of Feng Shui and other decorating tips, staging your home ensures that your buyers see it in its very best light, and can help illustrate what a property can offer without requiring a complete makeover.


9 STAR KI Readings – An Eastern astrology based on the five elements (earth, water, fire, metal and air). This is an elegant and effective way to understand yourself – why you like certain things, colors and people and what effect they have in your life. Understand the practicality of the world around you and how it effects you. When I work with clients in their home or office (residential or commercial), I use this tool to define areas of importance and power. The potential of this information helps you define areas of your spaces and almost everything and everyone around you.

Space Clearing \

This is especially helpful when moving into a new home or office or selling/leasing the same. The term transcendental comes to mind – meaning beyond common understanding and yet it is scientifically proven to alter the environment in a cleansing and beneficial way. Consider walking into a room where there has been a disagreement. You cannot see it, but you can feel it.
Space clearing is a means to clean your space on an energetic level. Why do we need to space clear? On a physical level you see the dust and dirt accumulating in your home as a result of daily activities. The same thing happens with energy. You may not see the “dust and dirt” of human emotions, but they do accumulate in our space, and it is best to clear them regularly.

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