You have helped me so much in the last few years we have known each other. Your help with our business has been priceless. And your friendship has been the best reward! And all you have taught me about Feng Shui! Oh my, I love it!!! Love ya

Kim Miller

Bonnie Primm is amazing! I have used her Feng Shui services for 25 years…my how time flies. She has done my Condo, 2 Salons, my current Skincare Room, and our home. She is great with colors, placement of your things, and adding new things to make your environment look and feel amazing!

Brenda Gruver

Bonnie Primm has been a valuable resource for me. She helped guide me through a period of difficult choices and decisions. Working with Bonnie was instrumental in my finding peace and resolve through the process. I don’t have to tell her who I am or how I manage information, because she “gets me”, at times I feel she has known me most of my life! Although I have worked with others in related fields, she is by far the best. Her knowledge, skills and approach is amazing!

Sherry Hux

I had my house for sale for almost a year. I did everything the realtor told me to do as far as making the house look presentable. I painted, did minor repairs, cut back trees, staged each room. The months kept passing by and no one made a reasonable offer. Then Bonnie came in and did her thing. In most rooms, we just made some minor changes, but it made such a big difference in how the room “felt”. Two weeks later, I had an offer on the house. So, if you want to sell your house, call Bonnie!

Jane Bennett

We love love love the lighting and paint colors Bonnie Primm helped us choose as we were dreaming our Dream Condo into being. Without Bonnie’s Feng Shui expertise and wise guidance, we never would have chosen the mix of lighting or the paint colors she suggested. Too afraid to be brave, to be bold! We’ve lived here 21 months now and love it all even more! Hugely grateful for the beautiful energy Bonnie brought to our living space…and life.

Mary Beck

I loved my 9 Star Ki Interpretation! The timing was perfect. Confirmation that my upcoming plans will be successful, and my future will be loving, brought tears to my eyes! Tears of joy!

Carol Butler

Bonnie Primm came to the rescue when my house would not sell. A few hours after she completed her magic, my Realtor brought me the perfect offer.

Kathy Hill

I simply love the colors of the new space — Bonnie Primm you really outdid yourself this time.

Erica Steele

I have worked with Bonnie Primm in some creative way since 1966, starting at WAVY TV. My most recent experience with Bonnie has been colors for several commercial buildings and one healthcare business we were selling. We were starting to think that the health care business would be better off closing and not even trying to sell. I asked Bonnie to come in and look at colors and placement of store fixtures. Within about two weeks the store was painted and redesigned inside. We spent less than $2,500 and within a month the business was sold. We changed the color scheme on two other buildings and now the realtor is getting more calls than any of the properties he represents. Bonnie has also worked with us on beach rental property and our personal residence. She honestly energizes and brings new life to properties with very little cash outlay.

Maury Cooke