A Story:

We do this everyday when we go to work or care for ourselves or family. How often do we realize at week, month or years’ end we are not even aware of the passing time or even how we enjoyed, if we did, any part of this passing time. Could we count the joys, contributions and a sense of accomplishment?

A Choice:

The old maxim “you are making a choice when you are not making a choice” gets our attention. Make a choice to support every action and attitude by awareness and intention. Choose to change your attitude and environment – thereby the behavior and outcome you want in your work and life.

A Commentary:

Most of us are encoded by our culture at home and in the world we live to unconsciously perform our daily working and living without realizing how much our comfort, gifts and talents as well as our values, success and self reliance we abdicate in the process.

A Question:

If, the big “if”, we could find a sense of balance and self empowerment, would our life look and feel different, perhaps better if not more productive?

Beyond Feng Shui… connecting the dots with your inner and outer spaces.